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Choosing the right Domain Name is Important for the Best Website Success

Start with the right domain name

Choosing a quality business domain name for branding and SEO can be a delicate assignment. Many good domains are already taken or cost thousands of dollars to come by from a domain owner or dealer.

The bottom line in your domain name quest is to secure one that is clear about your business, is easy to remember and brand, as well as being endowed with a keyword or two.

Search engines give an extra thumbs up to a site that has keywords in its domain name. Keyword rich names also tend to be easier to remember, so repeat customers will not only type it in directly in the future, but easily refer it to others.

A little creative logic can be used to land a precise business domain name that:

  • is Distinctive
  • is Easy to remember
  • is Brandable to your business
  • has extra Pizzazz for SEO

Considerations for registering outstanding business domain names

  1. What does your company do?
  2. Do you sell a specific type of product(s)?
  3. Is your business location specific?
  4. Registering a new domain name for longer than one year demonstrates a certain commitment to your business.
    Short domain name registrations is typical of scam websites, appearing briefly and then disappearing to put up other phony sites in less than 1 year.

    As a result, new websites registered for just one year may be placed in the Google Sandbox. (new website being placed on probation and throttled in searches before being given full value for its trust and credibility)

  5. Purchasing an old domain with good page rank is beneficial if it applies directly to your business
  6. Domains with dashes between a couple keywords aren’t bad but you have to say “dash” when you talk about the name or people will automatically type it in without the dash and go to a competitor’s website.
  7. Any domain extension will work but it’s still a “dot com” world so we suggest acquiring a .com domain.
    Upon hearing your company name, most people will visit that name “dot com” online first. If a competitor has the .com version of your domain, that’s probably not good!
  8. Provide detailed contact information in your website footer, including your company name, address, and a phone number to aid in establishing new domain trust and credibility.

Business Domain Name Technicality Scenario

Problem: You’ve already got a website and domain name. You now realize that a different domain with your keyword in it would be more suitable to Google.

But you don’t want to switch domains and Email addresses because your business associates already know you by your current domain name.

Answer: Keep your old domain and add the new one to your Web hosting account. Continue to use your old domain email as usual.

But point your new keyword rich domain name to your website and 301 redirect the old name to the new name. Don’t have both names answer directly or Google may penalize you for having duplicate content.

Conclusion: Securing a quality business domain name for 5 years should cost less than a week’s worth of Starbucks. Show your true professional commitment and spring for multiple years when registering a high caliber company domain name.

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