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SEOmoz’s Biennial Ranking Factors 2009 Released

Every two years, SEOmoz surveys 100 of the industry’s top SEO minds.
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Backlink Building for Small e-Commerce websites

Check out this Link Building for Small eCommerce Sites SEOmoz blog post for information regarding the acquisition of quality backlinks.

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Be in control of your website, aka the keys to your car

Keys to your website

In our 14 years of operating a full service Internet Solutions company, we’ve provided client support on a wide range of website related topics.

We’ve compiled a list of some technical points that often confuse new and inexperienced website owners. Not understanding or paying attention to these topics regularly cause websites (and Email) to become unreachable. Don’t let this happen to you!

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Miva Merchant 5.5 Storefront and Management Shopping Cart Features

Miva Merchant 5.5 advanced catalog and order management systemIf you’ve ever experienced contracting a programmer to build a custom shopping cart and then disappear off the map, you’ll appreciate Miva Merchant.

Or if you’ve ever wanted to add a custom feature like coupons and after 2 months of waiting, got an invoice for $2500, you’ll appreciate Miva Merchant.

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Basic Search Engine Optimization Coding Techniques

HTML CodeClean HTML coding isn’t an end-all in SEO but it’s a must for the underlying foundation of any website that is success driven.

Listed below are the basics to coding lean, green, fast loading web pages that search engines can easily spider to index your website as well as presenting content in ways to attract more visitors.

But updating your site regularly and acquiring quality backlinks will more than likely benefit you the most.

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Custom Miva Merchant Modules – great affordable addons in minutes

New online businessesMiva Merchant 5.5 advanced catalog and order management system
discover that Miva Merchant is a flexible, reliable, expandable and easy to use e-commerce solution. Demanding e-commerce experts marvel at its power, features and speed.

Utilize the built-in design and administration tools to manage your content, inventory, customers and much more – everything you’ll need to develop, maintain, and grow a successful online store.

But Merchants love that they can customize their stores with hundreds of custom Miva modules that can help improve their customer shopping experience.

Modules are a very affordable way to add features and typically cost between 1/10th and 1/20th of the normal programming development cost. Purchase an inexpensive custom Miva Merchant module and be using it in minutes.

Try that with other shopping carts.

See a list of the most requested custom Miva modules.

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Choosing quality business and Miva Merchant E-commerce Web hosting

SQuality Web hosting packages

Choosing quality business Web hosting shouldn’t be confusing.

Our Web hosting packages are straight forward and contain everything you’ll need to get your website online.

From shared full featured business Web hosting packages with mySQL databases to Custom Miva Merchant 5.5 E-commerce stores, our powerful Web hosting packages fit the bill.

Every Web hosting package comes with load balancing to make sure your website is always online!

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