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Web Designs right on Target Please give us as much information as possible about your project so we can give you an accurate quote. Bold fields are required. Point to the form fields for more info.

We know this form is a little lengthy but finding out as much as possible initially will facilitate the most accurate project estimate.

NOTE: Because of inherent insecurity issues, we do not work on Windows based Web servers including ASP pages.

     Search Terms FAQs - please read »

Please be as specific as possible (and realistic) with your search terms as possible - enter your top 5 search terms or phrases in the next field.

Search terms like "jewelry", "buy one get one free" or "plumbing" are extremely generic and will be hard for a new website to rank high in organic SERPs no matter what SEO techniques are used.

Better search terms might be "Handmade Turquoise Indian Jewelry", "Free West Hills Business Coupons" and "Commercial & Residential Plumbing Service West Hills." Both of the latter terms are location specific - important if applicable.

     Budget FAQs - please read »

Please specify an accurate budget for your project using the following Project Budget dropdown menu. As a general guide:

A 5 page SEO website using a moderately customized template starts at $850, depending the on template's coding and customizations needed.

A basic custom 5 page SEO website normally starts at $2000, depending on features and design.

A basic custom designed SEO Miva Merchant store normally starts at $3,000, depending on stores features, product image processing, logo design, programming etc.

I.E. if your budget is capped at $1500, a complete custom Miva Merchant store is not within your budget.

If what you need costs less that your stated budget, we'll share the good news with you!

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